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PVT is bringing Prevention in Practice and Unpacking Resistance training to Western Australia

PVT recently acquired a license from Safe and Equal in Victoria to adapt and deliver their Prevention in Practice and Unpacking Resistance courses in Western Australia. Prevention in Practice is a two-day course for practitioners who are getting started in the prevention of violence against women, or for experienced practitioners who are seeking to build their skills in the design, implementation and evaluation of prevention against women programs. Unpacking resistance is a one-day course for practitioners who are seeking to build their confidence in understanding and responding to backlash and resistance. Managing backlash and resistance is an essential skill for anyone engaged in the prevention of violence against women.

PVT is currently in the process of adapting and piloting the courses for the Western Australian context. Pilot participants will provide feedback about the content and delivery of the package, which will be used to inform the final training packages and also used in the development of Western Australia’s foundational framework for the prevention of violence against women and girls.

Mary-Rose Tomeo and Katie Moynan were thrilled to deliver the first of four pilot Prevention in Practice trainings to 11 participants in Perth on 3rd and 10th August. Feedback from participants included:

  • “Overall day one provided a great introduction to the prevention of violence against women and primary prevention, which would be particularly powerful for audiences not engaged in the family and domestic violence space. Additionally, day two built on these understandings, providing ways to put this into practice.”
  • “Loved this training! So amazing. Loved the examples and lived experience and practice wisdom of everyone in the room, especially with the facilitators.”
  • “Very clearly presented information from experienced presenters about how to deliver an initiative with good data collection, co-designing with a diverse group of partners, being aware of bias and prejudice or the intersecting forces which act on persons affected by violence.”

Mary-Rose and Katie are grateful to the participants who attended the first pilot and contributed to the development of a safe learning space for attendees and trainers.

Participants and facilitators standing in two rows and smiling. They are in front of a large screen with the PVT logo and Prevention in Practice Day 2.

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